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Chicken Nugget Paradise (TM)

Chicken Nugget Paradise (TM)

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Everything you need to play, in an easy to transport box!

Don’t miss out on your copy of Chicken Nugget Paradise. Set to be back in stock from the start of 2024, pre order your copy today and get it shipped to you as soon as we're stocked!

An original card game by Little Games Limited!


You get:

Original CNP hardback box containing:
- 54 original cards


Who loves Chicken Nuggets?

In the deck lies a single NUGGET card, be the first to get your hands on it without having a SAUCE card to win. Sound easy? All the other cards in the deck are used to help yourself or hinder your opponents on your quest for nuggety goodness!
- For 2 to 5 players aged 7 to 99!
If you think Chicken Nugget Paradise sounds good, why not read Luke 23:43
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